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YAGP Variation options
By S_H_A_O_ Comments: 234, member since Sun Apr 21, 2013
On Sun Sep 06, 2015 05:22 PM

Okay so I know answering this question is very hard given I can not show you how I dance. My main question is what variations that are allowed at YAGP wouls be good for me? I'm looking for a varition that isn't at adagio speed. I don't really want to do any variations that you have to be a "turner" like Esmeralda or Le Corsaire. I also don't want to do a variation that might be too difficult to the point where I can't perfect it. I was mostly looking at Talisman and Flames of Paris so if you have any other ideas that are similar to those that would be great! I've also looked into Gamzatti but grande allegro isn't really my thing. Definitely any variations that are faster than slower are better for me. Any help would be great!

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re: YAGP Variation options
By Serendipity42Premium member Comments: 2273, member since Sun Aug 16, 2009
On Mon Sep 07, 2015 06:35 PM
Are you allowed Bluebird? That's a fairly simple one with no pirouettes.
re: YAGP Variation options
By melissaga Comments: 326, member since Sun Feb 14, 2010
On Tue Sep 08, 2015 03:46 PM
Talisman is generally not overdone like some of the other variations.

Some of the Sleeping Beauty fairies would fit the bill. Aurora's wedding variation might work too.

I am sure I have seen Blue Bird at YAGP, so I think it is on the list.