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tights sagging and a couple other questions.
By bluestorm5432 Comments: 5, member since Sun Aug 16, 2015
On Wed Sep 30, 2015 02:17 PM

I have taken beginner ballet for about 5 weeks now and my tights are fine until it comes time for the jumping portion of class.My tights and dancebelt start sagging. Is that normal? The next question I had was how tight are ballet slippers suppose to be? Mine slip every once and awhile especially when I flex my foot. The final question is should I be tucking my shirt into my tights? (Dresscode:black footed tights, white or black leotard or white fitted tshirt, dancebelt, white or black slippers).

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re: tights sagging and a couple other questions.
By Storm_Trouper Comments: 818, member since Mon May 21, 2012
On Wed Sep 30, 2015 02:29 PM
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Your solution: sew elastic suspenders on your tights to hold them up.
Elastic waist belts are sometimes used but suspenders work a lot better. It also depends on the shape of your waist / torso which method works better. Suspenders always work whereas waistbands only work under certain circumstances. It also depends on the waist size of whatever garment you are wearing. Trying the next smaller size down may or may not be a good solution for an individual. Brands also vary widely. Some brands are designed for slim, ectomorphic body type (slender build) guys, with longer legs.

Make sure your shirt is not too long or too short (they can be cut and hemmed) and they can be worn in or out. Shirts tucked in look best when they are fairly closely fitting the torso so no excess fabric bunches up, like a leo top which is always worn under the waistband.

Shoes need to be secure and not slip off: tighten the elastic cord, and ensure that the instep elastic band(s) are properly sized and attached.
re: tights sagging and a couple other questions.
By luv2plie Comments: 1904, member since Wed Jul 16, 2003
On Sat Oct 03, 2015 09:04 PM
For ballet classes I wear a white fitted shirt tucked into my black tights. I also wear a dance belt. I usually put on an elastic hip alignment belt and then roll my tights over it so my tights will stay on during class. I wear white socks with white ballet shoes
re: tights sagging and a couple other questions.
By dancingboy83 Comments: 2, member since Sat Oct 24, 2015
On Sat Oct 24, 2015 04:47 AM
I have had that problem many times when I did ballet, I sewed elastic into my tights and got a tighter fitting dancebelt