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I made an amazing meatloaf tonight!
By SoloJazzDancer Comments: 21529, member since Wed Jun 30, 2004
On Thu Oct 22, 2015 08:16 PM

I love to cook and I love to eat. Even though I am a super taster and there are foods I can't eat, I totally enjoy the foods that I can eat. Tonight I made a meatloaf. We have 2 small grocery stores in our town that have been in business since the 60's. They make their own sausages, ground beef, steaks, chicken, all those good things. We buy their ground beef a lot and their hot and sweet sausages too. We used their ground beef for this meatloaf. I added 2 eggs to it. I also added some milk, about 1/2 a cup. I didn't measure it out I just eyeballed it. Threw in some breadcrumbs and didn't measure them either, just eyeballed it again.Mixed it up and added a little more breadcrumbs till I found it was just right. I added a few tsp. of a Sundried Tomato Basil Dip and Spread Mix from a company called Awesome in upstate NY. The ingredients in the dip were Tomato, Basil, Garlic, Onion, Paprika & Salt. Mixed it again. We had some dehydrated onions so I added them and some garlic powder. Last but not least I added some powered Cabot Cheddar Cheese that comes in a shaker container. It is real cheese, not the powdered stuff that comes in Kraft Mac & Cheese. I love it! I just shook it in and mixd it up again. A little S&P and it was good to go. I put it in a glass loaf pan and cooked it at 350 for 30 min. I didn't make the mushroom gravy because I didn't have the stuff to make it. Please don't judge this but I opened up a jar of Heinz Mushroom Gravy to put on top of that and the yummy mashed potatoes we had. We also had some beans from my garden, Purple and Dragon Tongue Beans, plus some carrots from the farmers market. The meatloaf was moist, juicy, and had an amazing taste to it. I've bought natural dip mixes before and put them in meatloaf and hamburgers and things other then making a dip with them.
I just wanted to share with all of you.