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Which "Holiday" Season Does more for Ballet
By tellaboy Comments: 66, member since Wed Sep 29, 2010
On Mon Oct 26, 2015 08:19 AM

Which "Holiday" Season do you think gets more kids thinking about trying a Ballet class? Christmas or Halloween?
Christmas is Nutcracker season / Halloween Kids get to dress maybe as a dancer fantasize about being even before trying the 1st class

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re: Which "Holiday" Season Does more for Ballet
By Moonlitefairy06member has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 7177, member since Fri Apr 16, 2004
On Mon Oct 26, 2015 08:48 PM
I think Christmas for sure. Dressing up in a tutu is a lot different than actually seeing professionals on a stage. And even if its not a full blown ballet, a lot of children's christmas events involve dancers doing routines as part of the entertainment. Dressing up for something on halloween didn't make me want to be that when I was a kid, but though I guess I dressed up more as specific characters rather than a specific type of person. If anything I would think Halloween would make it be less likely because it's fantasy. I grew up as a gymnast, but I never dressed as a gymnast for halloween because it wouldn't be dress up. But I did dress up as an ice skater (specifically an ice skating witch lol) once but I never was a skater. Does that make sense?
re: Which "Holiday" Season Does more for Ballet
By tellaboy Comments: 66, member since Wed Sep 29, 2010
On Tue Oct 27, 2015 08:19 AM
Yes that does make sense.So growing up ...Some ting I have on my list to do some day.
But Growing up you gymnastics.What got you in to Dance? What type is your Fav.
I think you are Right The Nutcracker by Far.I had 2 Ballet girls ,1 Jazz,gymnast. in our classes.Every Show and tell or Book report they talked about their Art.It was not till 3rd Grad class went on a Field trip to Robinson Dance at the Museum.I had no idea what Ballet was.From the book report I was just lots of pink and shoe talk>It was not till that Filed trip Ballet came to life.That when the Ballet bug got me ...But being a guy I could tell any one ...LOL

re: Which "Holiday" Season Does more for Ballet
By Theresamember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 34923, member since Wed May 22, 2002
On Wed Oct 28, 2015 08:03 AM
If dressing as a dancer for Halloween has ever influenced anyone to join a dance class, I'd be really, really surprised. It's all fantasy, it's make believe. You don't pick a costume because you want to be that thing. My son has wanted to be a video game designer pretty much since he knew that was a job that you could have, and with the exception of one year, all of his Halloween costumes have been video game characters. But that doesn't mean he's under the impression that he could actually become Luigi or Link, you know?

And I've actually gone as a dancer a few times over the years. When you find yourself in a position where you need a Halloween costume quickly, the old costume rack is a handy go to. :D
re: Which "Holiday" Season Does more for Ballet
By Moonlitefairy06member has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 7177, member since Fri Apr 16, 2004
On Wed Oct 28, 2015 11:00 PM
When I was really little I did both dance and gymnastics. When I made the pre-team for gymnastics when I was 8 I had to choose (9 hours a week of gymnastics, up to 12 when I made the competition team at 9). However, I always did like dancing. We had some ballet classes in the gym as I got older like 12ish. I was always very fascinated with pointework. I wanted to try it because I thought it would make be stronger and balance better (don't worry I didn't). Eventually my gym closed and I needed to find a new outlet. I did cheerleading for a year but it wasn't enough to make up for the amount of time and effort I put in the gym. So I added dance to me reporter again. Started with 3 classes a week in eighth grade, by the time I was in high school I did at least 8 classes a week, on top of competitive cheerleading. I was on the college cheer team and took academic dance classes and recreational dance classes at my school.

I saw the nutcracker quite a few times as a kid. In fact I think it's the only ballet I saw before I got really into dance again. I've seen it at least twice at Lincoln Center (i'm from new York state). I think that probably made me interested in pointe (which I did do for three years in high school while training ballet). I saw a lot of other shows too, like Radio City Christmas Spectacular. I a lot of my dance mates aspired to be a rockette, but that didn't interest me as much. Fun to watch but it wasn't "me". I also really liked watching figure skating but I knew I wasn't good at skating. My ankles were too flexible and I'm sure my progress if I took lessons would have been too slow to my liking after all the gymnastics tricks I could already do. I still love watching skating too, and really like ice dancing. I knew nothing about ice dancing as a kid and sometimes I wonder if I would have been halfway decent at that considering my dance and cheerleading backgrounds. But oh well.