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Son wants to start
By bluescot67
On Mon Nov 02, 2015 05:34 PM

My 10 year old son wants to do highland dancing. However I do not know much about highland dancing he learned about it from a book he read.
The questions I and him have:
-Will he have to wear a kilt to practice and to dance in?
-What is Highland Dance?
-Is it hard?
-Can adults start highland dance?
-What is highland dance similar to?

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re: Son wants to start
By Dancinlassie
On Mon Nov 02, 2015 06:48 PM
Have you found a Highland dance teacher near you? In the USA, FUSTA is the site to find teachers, competitions, etc. They also have a good section that describes Highland Dancing.

Every school is different in regards to dance classes, but most don't require a kilt for class. My sons wear regular shirts and shorts, knee high socks and ghillies.

Highland dance can be done by children and adults. Many adults start out as Beginners. It is a sport, so it is exercise. Proper warm ups and cool downs will help prevent injuries. And it requires practice!

Do a Google/YouTube search for Highland Dance videos. The basic dance is a "Fling". . . . is a good resource for information about Highland Dancing.

re: Son wants to start
By LoriCook
On Mon Nov 02, 2015 10:30 PM
How exciting! Here is a video of my son and I competing last year. . . .
He will need a kilt to compete or for shows and tests (if he decides to do any of that.) Teachers usually have a few extras or can help you find a used one. Class attire is usually t shirt, shorts and long socks. Ballet shoes may be used at first but highland shoes are best. Again the teacher can advise you. If there are no teachers where you live, some will give skype lessons.
Highland dance is traditional Scottish dancing, not to be confused with social country dance. It is not like anything else, it is not Riverdance. There are competitions, many times at Highland games, with medals, trophies and money prizes. You start off as a beginner and work your way up to novice, intermediate and premier.
It is hard but if a middle-aged, overweight woman like me can do it, almost anyone can. You need healthy knees, ankles and back. Adults are able to dance and compete. The competitions are predominantly female children but the adult numbers are growing. It is great to see boys and men dancing since that was who, historically, were the participants. There are many over 30 dancers in my Facebook group. Highland dance is excellent aerobic exercise and if you really get into it you will want to travel all over and make lots of new friends.
re: Son wants to start (karma: 1)
By FunnyFarm
On Tue Nov 03, 2015 09:36 AM
I would strongly encourage him. My daughter highland dances, and my athletic son is jealous of her cardio, leg, arm, and core strength -- all from highland dancing!

Boys and men sometimes have a competitive advantage in highland dance because they are that much stronger than women (much as I would never admit that at home!) But he should know that many provincial/regional reps, national champions, and world champions are boys and men.

What he wears at classes will be up to your teacher, but most require close fitting athletic wear -- shorts, t-shirt, and knee socks, along with ghillies (although cheaper ballet slippers usually suffice for the first while).

It's very athletic and the patterns are gratifying for a child who feels a need for structure, discipline, and control. :) Best wishes! I hope he loves it.


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