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Tap shoes too slippery
By Dancing_again64 Comments: 1, member since Tue Nov 03, 2015
On Tue Nov 03, 2015 05:51 PM

I have seen the previous messages about using duck tape but no one explained the exact process and placement of the duck tape, at least from what I read. Can someone help me? Performance this Saturday; dress rehearsal was horrible due to sliding taps. Thanks all!

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re: Tap shoes too slippery
By Stase Comments: 29, member since Thu Aug 13, 2015
On Wed Nov 04, 2015 09:26 AM
I was in same trouble. How about sole made of genuine chromed leather . . . Glue . . .
and here is article on it . . .

My tango shoe sole was made out of hard leather, I was skating on the floor :) I relapsed them with genuine chromed leather. I brought them to shoe repair men, but I am sure you could do it yourself