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Stopped ballet when I was 13, start again at 20?
By roseymosey
On Sun Nov 08, 2015 06:14 AM
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Hello everyone,
So I have been practicing ballet since I was about 5 but I stopped when I was 13 for stupid reasons. Now I am 20 and I deeply regret my foolish decision. There is no hope for me to become professional i guess, although I did ballet for many years, this 7 year absence will follow me forever. Every serious professional academy (Kiev, Vaganova, Bolshoi etc) takes students from a very early age and by 17-18 they are already signing up for contracts so I feel like a real dummy for even dreaming about a career.

I am super short (just 5 feet-152cm) but quite petite so my proportions dont make me look so short. I have small breasts and my legs are longer than my torso, they are also the strongest part of my body (maybe because of the ballet years. I think I have a good turnout although I dont know a way to know for sure.

What do you think? What should I do? Do I have any chance to ever become a pro? If I were to start now, how many hours a week should I do? All ballet classes of the area only offer 2 hours a week for adult beginners which I think is ridiculously not enough for someone who is serious about it.
p.s: my last year was a year on pointe.
Thanks and have a good day:)

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re: Stopped ballet when I was 13, start again at 20?
By hummingbird
On Sun Nov 08, 2015 10:54 AM
My old teacher used to say that if you take a day out of your normal schedule of dance you'll take a week to get back that muscle tone.

You don't say what exercise you were doing during your break, but it was one of 7 years, that's a freakin' long time if you're now wanting to go pro. You would need at least ten hours a week but you're going to have to build up to that. I haven't seen you dance so it's really difficult to say but on the law of averages I'd say your chances are slim to none.

Why don't you go get some classes and try and prove me wrong :)
re: Stopped ballet when I was 13, start again at 20?
By Kathymember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Sun Nov 08, 2015 02:44 PM
As hummingbird said, it´s unlikely to become a professionell dancer.
But the dance world does not only need dancers. You can still work in the world of dance. For example by making costumes (just one example out of many).

And if you don´t want any other dance-related job then being a dancer (and if this isn´t possible, then a totally different job), then it still means you´re able to dance.
The majority of the people who dance on this world do it just because they want to, not for a living. They do it just for fun.
re: Stopped ballet when I was 13, start again at 20?
By Gaudium
On Fri Dec 25, 2015 11:57 AM
One is born to be a dancer. No teacher can work miracles, nor will years of training make a good dancer of an untalented pupil. One may be able to acquire a certain technical facility, but no one can ever acquire an exceptional talent. So you have to ask yourself, "Do I have an exceptional talent, if your answer is "NO" then maybe a different vocation maybe called for". The difference between a professional and a dancer is simple. A dancer waits for magic to happen on the stage while the professional works full out even in rehearsals to create the magic. If you have talent and work full out each and every time, go for it.


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