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comfy shoes
By vixen78 Comments: 2, member since Tue Nov 10, 2015
On Tue Nov 10, 2015 11:25 AM

hey there!! i cannot state enough how important i think it is to find some good comfy dancing shoes!! and the website i by all mine from meets the standards!!

si i just wanted ti share it with you guys!


i find that all the shoes i buy from here are fantastic quality and extra comfy as they have padding. i am a dance teacher and i recommend that all my students by their dance shoes from this website as so far that have made me very happy.
Also the great thing about them is that you can have them custom made to your needs and taste.

anyway happy dancing everyone!! :P

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re: comfy shoes
By Stase Comments: 29, member since Thu Aug 13, 2015
On Tue Nov 10, 2015 02:44 PM
I have been dancing Argentinian Tango for long time. I started with cheap shoes $50+ thinking there is not much difference from shoes for $50 and shoes for $150, but very soon I learned I get what I pay. After talking to my dancing friends I chose shoes from . . . They have men dance shoes as well . . .

Now I pay two times more for my dancing shoes, but now my shoes have antibacterial lining to kill bacteria, keeps feet dry, they have shock absorbing latex arch support, shank ending at the ball of the foot. And before I had non of it :)