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Understanding toe shapes for the Highland Dancer
By Hullachan_ShoesPremium member Comments: 111, member since Tue Dec 30, 2008
On Thu Nov 26, 2015 03:49 PM

For the past two years I have been working on the development of a more refined shape of Highland Dance Shoe called the Hullachan Blue and shortly the Hullachan Red. The Hullachan Blue has a traditional tow profile for the more slender foot while the Hullachan Red is for the squarer or more rounded toe shape. Both styles come in width fittings. These have been successfully tested worldwide and the responses have all been very positive.

Trade prices for Schools and new dealers.

We are also aware that some dance schools may not have access locally to a dance store and find postal purchases difficult. As long as there is not a local fitter near you we offer a School Shop price which allows a member of the schools such as a parent or indeed the teacher, to get a trade discount in order to operate a local store in their area. . This is a new project I have organized. Please get in touch with me if you would like more information.

The shape of the foot needs different fittings. There are three basic toe and three basic arch shapes:

1: The Egyptian Foot. This is when the great or bog toe is longer than the other toes and there is a slanting shape down to the small toe. The arch on this kind of foot is generally lower. While perhaps not a flat foot, this dancer needs a shoe that forms to the exact shape of their existing arch. The Hullachan does this through exceptional design and while not giving you a false arch it does, by giving correct support while emphasising your arch to its very best curve.
Regular medium and wider fittings in Hullachan will; help this shape of foot.

2: The Grecian Foot. Sometimes also called the Morton’s Foot. This is where the second toe is longer than the great (big) and third toe. The dancer with this toe profile usually has a higher arch and a very curved point. The two issues here are fitting the toe into the correct shape of foot without bending the second toe out of alignment which can cause damage. The second issue is that this dancer with and exceptionally high or very curved point, will probably also have weal ankles. Exercises must be done to strengthen their ankles so they do not go over on their foot and ankle causing sprain or other damage.

A narrower fitting shoe in Hullachan should work and the new arch eyelet can be used to pull the arch tightly into the arch while offering support.

3: The Country (or Peasant) Foot: What this means is that the foot is square on the ground. The first and second toes are about the same length. Sometimes will include the third toe. The shape of this foot is straight across. The arch is strong and there is a wide variety of arch profiles, low, medium or high with this toe shape.
However, the rounder shaped front fits this shape best. Normally a medium or wider fitting shoe is chosen.