Kaatsban Ballet Summer Intensive Review
By ballerina_2000
On 12/27/2015 15:38:21
Please give a detailed response!!!!
re: Kaatsban Ballet Summer Intensive Review
By Serendipity42
On 12/28/2015 16:42:24
This was copied from another site: My daughter went to Kaatsbaan two years ago and loved it. Went to ABT NY last summer and had a wonderful experience as well but life in the city and life in the country are far different. Kaatsbaan is located on beautiful farm property in Tivoli, NY. The Dancers Inn is spacious and clean. There are RA's that watch over the girls. They were young college girls who also take class with them. My daughter said the food was adequate but not great. She brought lots of snacks and supplemental food items that can be stored in the kitchen. They offer three meals a day and all the girls eat together in the dining hall. Because it is so small, the girls all become friends. There are two large studios that are beautiful and spacious. Class sizes were kept small sometimes 8 or 16 depending on if levels were combined for certain classes. There were four levels while my daughter was there. The teachers were amazing. She liked them all and felt they cared for and critiqued each student. The dining hall, lounge, and studios are all in one building. The Dancers Inn is about a five minute walk through a semi wooded path. The weather can be chilly at night especially in session one. The dorms and studios are air conditioned. Rooms have their own bath and house two or three girls. Since there is not much to do there, tell your dancers to bring things to do like games, videos, laptop, etc. There is not much to do after classes...but they dance so much in the day that quite honestly, they are tired and go to bed early. There are several trips on the weekends. My daughter got to go to Woodstock, NYC to see ABT perform, and walk around the town of Tivoli (which is VERY small). As far as laundry, the facilities at Kaatsbaan do not have washers and dryers but there is a laundromat in town where the girls can walk to on the weekend. They also offer laundry service once during the three week session for around $12. They pick it up and bring it back washed and folded. Well worth it!! The girls can wear any leotards they want but need to bring special ones for the final performance. They will send you a list of those specific items. The final performance is beautiful. All dancers are showcased in several dances. Some dancers are provided solos, duos, or trios for the final performance. My daughter loved Kaatsbaan and is considering going back this summer for sessions 2 and/or 3.

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