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Summer Dance Intensives 2016
By jazzdancingjoe
On Thu Dec 31, 2015 03:41 PM
Edited by jazzdancingjoe (276171) on 2015-12-31 15:43:13

Hi! I am a male dancer and I would like to know about the following summer programs. Please share all that you can about the audition experience, selectivity, classes, and your whole experience at the program. Please feel free to add any other programs that I did not include.

Charlotte Ballet/North Carolina Dance Theatre
ABT Winston-Salem
Atlanta Ballet

I would love to hear from male dancers but female dancers please do not hesitate to share. Thank you!

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re: Summer Dance Intensives 2016
By balletfreak12345
On Sun Jan 24, 2016 07:52 PM
Hi! I went to the Atlanta Ballet Summer Intensive last year and it was great! They have amazing teachers. You would sometimes even have a company member as your teacher! The audition was very fun. During the first day, you take a placement class (by last name). They had 4 levels (Yellow, Blue, Green, Red). You will get weekly schedules. Atlanta Ballet's SI had much more to offer than ballet. Their musical theatre teacher was excellent and they also had hip hop, yoga, and Pilates. Since you are male, you will probably have a pas de deux class almost everyday (You will have to go to the ones with ALL of the levels). Last year there weren't a lot of boys, so if you go you will probably get a lot of attention. Overall Atlanta Ballet has a great summer program.
re: Summer Dance Intensives 2016
By AdamuBams
On Sun Feb 21, 2016 11:58 AM
CPYB is an amazing program for technique training, but some do not like this program. Students get 2, 1.5 hour technique classes a day and one 1 hr pointe or mens class. Some students also receive a partnering class either once or twice a week. Students are divided into numerous different levels based on their individual needs as a dancer, and the title of the level does not mean anything compared to the others. For example, I was in level E1 for the last two years but some students in D levels were considered more advanced. The teachers are amazing at giving good corrections and they all pay attention to every student and give individual and helpful corrections, especially the year round staff.

However, some students may not love this intensive for different reasons. There is no final performance of any type, although the parents can watch on the last day. For students interested in learning new variations, there are pretty much no opportunities to do so. Also, the schedule can become quite repetitive and boring at some times. The RAs are EXTREMELY strict about being in the dorm rooms in time for room check and having lights out and no talking by a certain time, which at times can be annoying. Some RAs are mean too- I was skipping my parents after lights out quietly because I was homesick and the RA yelled at me and threatened to give me an infraction. Also, being from New York City, I am used to an exciting urban lifestyle, and found the lazy town of Carlisle to be very boring at times. Although every class is unique and fun, having 2 technique classes a day with a barre in each becomes boring. For some levels there is a modern class once a week but that is it. They do offer extra classes but they cost money. Although this intensive was tiring, I felt that having more classes each day would be beneficial.

Overall, the CPYB intensive is not for everyone. If you are interested in strictly training your technique, this is a great place for you. However, if you are interested in learning new variations and different styles of dance and enjoy a busy and unique schedule, this is not the place for you. Hope this helps :)


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