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Should I go to ballet school?
By tehrolls Comments: 4, member since Mon Jan 06, 2014
On Thu Jan 14, 2016 04:54 PM

I'm a boy, 16, and six four already. I can't turn at all, and have never done more than two pirouettes in my life. I can't do turns à la seconds at all, and find it hard to close fifth as I have swayback legs. I started ballet two years ago, and ever since I started the teachers where I dance have told me I should apply to a dance school. I can see that I've progressed quite far, but I am nowhere near the standard of those who would be applying to a dance school, and I don't think the world of ballet is very forgiving.
The things I enjoy in the week are the two ballet classes I do. I go to a very prestigious school which, if I left, I would probably not get back into. I need to decide now if I leave my school and go to a vocational school before my GCSEs or if I stay and miss the chance of being a ballet dancer, if I'm that good even (which I honestly think I'm not, but they say I am). The thing is is that I would get much higher and be much more successful if I pursued an academic career than be a extremely low standard dancer. I know which one would be easier, but the thought of leading my life thinking "what if I did become a dancer" is kind of horrifying. I have no career ideas academic wise, which makes the decision even harder, as I wouldn't have a different goal to work towards. This dilemma is always on my mind, on the tube, when I go to bed, and I need to decide now, but I can't choose. To throw either one away, which I have to do, is daunting.

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re: Should I go to ballet school?
By Ballerina_Geek Comments: 10, member since Tue May 20, 2014
On Thu Jan 14, 2016 05:26 PM
Why not apply for the ballet school and then only leave the other school once you get accepted into the ballet school, is there not away you can stay at present school and just take more ballet classes.
re: Should I go to ballet school?
By pureblacklily Comments: 29, member since Fri Dec 13, 2013
On Fri Jan 15, 2016 03:04 AM
If I were you I would audition for the ballet school. That way, even if you don't get in, you won't regret that you didn't at least try. And if you do get in, don't worry about not having great technique yet, that's what the school is for. In an environment like that you'll learn and strengthen a thousand times quicker than just going to two ballet classes a week. In 5 years time do you think you'll regret that you didn't try?
re: Should I go to ballet school?
By tehrolls Comments: 4, member since Mon Jan 06, 2014
On Wed Feb 24, 2016 12:17 AM
I think the possible regret would be bad if I didnt apply at all. Thanks for the advice!