Guys, a post not about Dancewear. YIPPEE.
By balletisawesome
On 03/20/2016 23:03:12
Hey fellow dude dancers. Just wanted this post to be about giving shoutouts to the awesome guys that have the cahones to do what we love. I guess this could also be about if you've ever had natural fear set in about doing dance. When I first started, coming from a very anxiety/bully filled childhood. i was petrified. It took me awhile to dance near the big windows at my studio. (we just had to have big windows, and a studio placed next to a red light, we just HAD TO right?......) But I got over that once I realized no one would ever really see me from my area. And once my anxiety went down, that stupid light tended to turn red less and less (or i didn't notice it anymore...what up!!!). Then I just got back into dance last week and that fear came back. I saw a dad (never cared) and his son my age in a car right in front of the studio. And I couldn't walk in. So i had to wait until they left to go in. I don't even try to do that. But that anxiety just comes back in an instant... :(. ^and let's not make this a post about motivation and the whole lingo about "you shouldn't care" blah blah blah. Yes I know okay, you don't gotta lecture me. This also wasn't written in a snarky tone. But thanks for the support if you were about to comment "Dude dude screw those guys, you're awesome" yatata.*shout out to you!* and again shoutout to guy dancers. We're doing what other guys wish they could do :).
re: Guys, a post not about Dancewear. YIPPEE.
By luv2plie
On 03/22/2016 00:32:17
I take ballet classes for ME. I do not do it for anyone including my dance teachers. If you have a passion for something…go for stand enjoy doing it. Ballet rocks
re: Guys, a post not about Dancewear. YIPPEE.
By doctor1
On 03/24/2016 17:03:16
Oh, I know the feeling. I didn't take my first class until age 27, when I moved to a city where I didn't know anybody. In my case that feeling abated with time. I think generally you care less about what other people think the older you get. I would tell myself, the people at the studio have been around ballet and know that guys dance, and while it's not that common it's no big deal. And those outside probably aren't even paying attention - they are thinking about their own lives. A studio is just that - a place people take classes, whether its dance, yoga, spinning, pottery, or music. At the very least you are giving yourself a chance to experience a difficult but very rewarding and beautiful art form.
re: Guys, a post not about Dancewear. YIPPEE.
By Storm_Trouper
On 03/25/2016 05:02:58
Anxiety can be a challenging emotion to live with at times, we're human after all. Probably everyone has anxieties about something or the other throughout their lifetimes. When anxiety gets to be too big to handle there are strategies one can Learn about and Practice. There is cognative therapy and behavioral therapy for example. These are long time mainstream recognized approaches to dealing with anxiety. You can find out more online and in the self help sections of book stores, if you're inclined to self help. There are also counsellors and therapists who work with folks to settle their anxieties. Knowing that you are not alone can be reassuring or comforting. Anxiety and dealing with same are part of life, so knowing cool ways to help yourself are a good investment of time and effort. Taking dance (ballet, being a guy, AND being seen) just happens to be what triggers your particular concerns when you think there are passers by judging you. But when you question your automatic conclusion (they will judge me and so I will feel badly) you might find that it isn't as valid a bit of 'reasoning' as you think it is. Or even if someone does judge you, what does that Really Matter? So as you come to better understand how your faulty conclusions might be defeating you, you can adjust them and adapt a more helpful attitude, outlook and self perspective. (This is an example of one cognative approach.) Then you try to consciously adjust your way of thinking and concluding (reasoning) until it becomes a new and different automatic response that is helpful to your need to dance. One more manages one's thoughts, beliefs, reactions and emotions; rather than just 'gets over' having unpleasant feelings and experiencing emotional discomfort and inner conflict. How one feels is quite often connected to how one thinks, consciously and unconsciously. So better mindful understanding of one's (questionable) thought processes is one common approach for overcoming nuisance, downer feelings. A handy life skill to develop for sure.
re: Guys, a post not about Dancewear. YIPPEE.
By balletisawesome
On 03/27/2016 18:14:10
thanks for the feedback guys. very pumped to get back into the studio on Weds :).
re: Guys, a post not about Dancewear. YIPPEE.
By jocknballettight
On 04/05/2016 06:48:01
YES I agree AFTER awhile you wont even be bothered by WHAT YOU think others are thinking IF ballet is major passion of your CONTINUE IT....if it brings joy to your life DANCE DANCE DANCE

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