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Best hard shoes for people with really long toes?
By TamaLage Comments: 0, member since Thu Jul 21, 2016
On Sun Apr 10, 2016 02:27 AM

I have very, very long toes (mostly the big toe) and have problems finding hard shoes that fit properly. Does anyone know which hard shoes would be best?

The problem is mainly the tip. Currently I'm sort of pushing against it instead of getting onto it, almost as if the shoes were too long - but they're not. (My current shoes are Antonio Pacelli's Ultra Flexi) I tried on several different sizes, and these were the smallest shoes I could physically get my feet into. As a result I can't really get very high on my toes (not talking about pointe, just getting my heels properly off the floor), and it feels like I'm not really standing/landing on my toes at all, rather just balancing on a small part of the joint. Which makes my dancing wobbly and my feet hurt. It should also be said that I have some medical issues with my toes, so they are not very bendy. However, I can get pretty high in soft shoes, so I'm not sure that's the problem. It doesn't help that my toes are very tapered as well, so currently it's just the big toe that's properly onto the tip of the shoe.

Does anyone know of any hard shoes that would fit people with really long toes at least moderately well? Preferrably with a long tip, or one that's not quite so thick so that I can actually get onto it even with my stiff toe joints.

Or, if not, does anyone have any tips or tricks I can use? Inserts, padding, anything of the sort? I'd be extremely grateful for any recommendations, as I feel it is really holding my dancing back now.