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Can every person dance to the rhythm?
By Stase Comments: 29, member since Thu Aug 13, 2015
On Tue Apr 19, 2016 12:32 PM
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I would like to ask you all one very interesting question: Do you think every person can dance to the rhythm of the music or there are people who can not hear music and can not dance to the rhythm? On multiple occasions I was told "every one can dance". I do not want to be bad person, but i think it is not true. I am beginner in Tango and some partners i dance with seems never get the beet.

I read a lot on "tempo" & "metro" to improve my dancing skills ex: . . . and it sounds like dancing could be learned by anyone, but my practice shows, ether you can dance or you simply sound death and can not dance to the rhythm.

What is your take on it?

Best regards!

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re: Can every person dance to the rhythm?
By rosalinde Comments: 1981, member since Fri Jun 19, 2009
On Wed Apr 20, 2016 06:34 AM
I think there are people who genuinely do not hear a beat, or at least can't get their body to move in time. The thing is, many of these people will likely never join a dance class so we don't really see them (unless it's in a disco or club where they may sort of sway a bit - or go all out, not caring what people think).

I know that all people are supposed to be able to dance and all primitive peoples had dance, but there is a difference IMO between moving along to a simple drum beat, and complex rhythms of academised dance forms which may use non-instinctive beats and syncopations.
re: Can every person dance to the rhythm?
By schuhplattlerPremium member Comments: 3041, member since Sat Dec 23, 2006
On Wed Apr 20, 2016 06:12 PM
Remember your music classes from grade school. True, there were those who could not carry a tune, but very few, if any, who could not keep up with the song's tempo, but exactly.

So if your dance partner can't dance to the rhythm, it is probably a lack of coordination, not an inability to get the beat.