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Competing in younger groups
By fusilli Comments: 31, member since Sun Oct 06, 2013
On Sun Jul 24, 2016 06:23 AM
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Did my first highland games yesterday in beginner 13, most of whom not even half my age. Didn't place in any this time, some have obviously been competing much longer. At least I don't 'look' as older as I am so unless I tell people they don't think so much. Some dances clearly favour the smaller dancer anyway.

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re: Competing in younger groups
By Bellasmum Comments: 194, member since Sun Dec 30, 2012
On Sun Jul 24, 2016 03:57 PM
First, congratulations on your competition... Just getting out there is a big deal.
Second, as a mom of a 9 year old premier dancer we have noticed that the placements except for very rare situations all depend on how accurate the foot placements are, the arms positions, and the timing... if those three areas are strong, it doesn't matter about the age of the dancer... a correct position is a correct position and judges look for those things regardless of age. Yes, there are some young dancers who have been competing since they were 4, but even many of the ones that started competing that young have their own struggles.
re: Competing in younger groups
By fusilli Comments: 31, member since Sun Oct 06, 2013
On Mon Jul 25, 2016 05:07 PM
I still think the younger dancer has some advantages in physical accuracy but thats a matter for debate. Beyond a certain age you do become limited in training certain muscles. I suppose the point is the assumption some have that adults should do better because they are is incorrect, sometimes to the contrary in highland dancing. Maybe this is the challenge for adults, just getting out there and doing your best, whatever that may be.
re: Competing in younger groups
By Panda_Bear Comments: 414, member since Tue Feb 02, 2010
On Mon Jul 25, 2016 11:04 PM
I'm another late starter in highland as well and began competing at 22 and have danced in a lot of different age classes some being all ages and dancing with the son of a friend of mine. The first few competitions are the hardest, your getting used to being with dancers half your age as well as how competitions work. It gets easier the more competitions you do, as you get to know other dancers in your category it doesn't seem as strange. Where I am a 13+ pre premiere category was a rare treat for me I typically danced 10/11 and over. Also keep in mind the beginner isn't forever.

Keep practicing g and remember why you dance and compete in the first place. Decide what is important to you about dancing and focus on that.
re: Competing in younger groups
By happychick09 Comments: 553, member since Mon Aug 16, 2004
On Tue Jul 26, 2016 12:59 PM
Congratulations on your first competition!! I myself just started competing a few years back (as an adult) and the first time I was in a 9&Over category was one I won't forget. I completely agree with the above posters - if you want to compete and that is your drive in dancing, then correct placement/alignment/timing are all going to make you successful in competition. Sure things are easier on smaller, younger, non-injury prone legs, but if you have a solid technique base then there is truly a level playing field. If instead you are dancing for the enjoyment of it and throwing in a few competitions for fun, then make sure you are doing exactly that.

One of the ladies I dance with became a premier this year - at the age of 50! She's been doing Highland for four or five years. Anything is possible at any age. Wishing you many MANY years of joy through dancing!!

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re: Competing in younger groups
By Robertson1 Comments: 16, member since Thu Jun 02, 2016
On Wed Sep 07, 2016 08:38 AM
Congratulations! I had my first performance this month and I got to dance with some really talented kids as well as some seasoned dancers. Keep it up!
re: Competing in younger groups
By Snirst Comments: 16, member since Sun Dec 21, 2014
On Fri Oct 14, 2016 10:10 AM
I'm 31 and in July I danced in a competition just outside London and it was an all ages novice group....youngest was 7! lol