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It has been soo long, I could really use some advice/help. Thanks
By Austin721 Comments: 2, member since Thu Aug 11, 2016
On Thu Aug 11, 2016 11:46 AM

Hey everyone. I danced when I was a teenager through my early twenties. I took time out of dance in my early to mid twenties and now in my early thirties I am wanting to come back to dance as a way to help with stress and as something I can do for me. I miss ballet and would love to get back into classes. We move around a bit and right now we are in a small town. There is a small dance studio in town that I have contacted and they did say I could come in for some private lessons as they mainly teach young children but, do hold competitions for the children as well. I just want to dance for the sake of dancing. When I had stopped my dance classes and quit, I was just starting on pointe. Now it is a goal of mine to get my strength and flexibility back to be able to obtain learning to go back up on pointe. Is this unrealistic? I have put on a little bit of weight after have a child and getting older but, I have been running and swimming to help get back into shape. What can I do to start working on flexibility and getting back into shape for dancing? Any advice and help is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Glad to be back on here after many years of leaving. This site was always such a great help and inspiration.

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re: It has been soo long, I could really use some advice/help. Thanks
By ChasingDreams Comments: 26, member since Fri May 13, 2016
On Fri Aug 12, 2016 03:04 AM
It's never too late to start up again! Private lessons could be great for you if you are willing to do that. If I were you I might research into a place that has adult classes. To work on flexibility, go slow, don't push yourself too far or you could hurt yourself. Possibly take yoga or just stretch at home every day. I wish you the best of luck!
re: It has been soo long, I could really use some advice/help. Thanks
By hummingbird Comments: 10414, member since Mon Apr 18, 2005
On Fri Aug 12, 2016 07:22 AM
The lady in this news report has just passed her RAD grade 6 at the age of 71, it's never to old to start or start again. . . .

At your age you will notice a bit of a difference with flexibility and strength but most of that you should get back soon with regular classes. Go for it! Private classes would be a very good way to get started again and gain confidence.
re: It has been soo long, I could really use some advice/help. Thanks
By SarahdncrPremium member Comments: 634, member since Wed Jul 29, 2009
On Sat Aug 13, 2016 09:00 AM
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Though I was never a big contributor here on DDN even during it's hay-day, very good thoughts to you and glad to have you back as it is alwys nice to have another adult dance enthusiast/dancer among us older folk.

So a big Welcome Back for that!

Are you being unrealistic with your desires and goals you want to achieve? No. Absolutely not. Anybody, in just about any shape, can start dance at any age, and re-start it again if they have had to stop. (and FYI a lot of adults have to do that as Life Happens.) The reasons you have stated as to why you want to return to dance are all valid and the approach you are taking to get yourself back into dancing shape and dance is positive and a good one.

The trick for us adults, like you are finding out, is finding good quality instruction/classes taught by a quality teacher, one who is willing, motivated, and interested in teaching adults. This can be especially difficult to find when one lives in small towns, or in areas that are not near large urban cities.

Privates very well may be the way you will need to go, and many of us do them, as we get a lot of good 1 on 1 attention/correction. As adults, we have the cognitive ability to be totally focused on the instruction we are receiving--thereby reaping the maximum benefit from private instruction. E.g. - we adults get more bang for our buck/value for our money (literally since we are paying for it) out of private work with a teacher.

Good luck once again getting back in dance, you will not regret it!!