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Award ideas for Cake Walk?
By rosalinde Comments: 1981, member since Fri Jun 19, 2009
On Fri Aug 19, 2016 05:41 AM

I still have lots of time, but for my upcoming competition I'm organising a Cake Walk Special competition. And I need ideas for awards.
(Cup)cakes would be logical, but I'd like something a little more lasting as well. Since my Special is never covered by the organisation (long story ...), I don't want it to be too expensive.
Any ideas?

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re: Award ideas for Cake Walk?
By ShadowLunaCatPremium member Comments: 8822, member since Sun Sep 12, 2004
On Sat Aug 20, 2016 05:15 AM
I would first look at what kind of budget you have available.
Then, I would attempt to name a kind of dollar figure for your special comp. Are you going to charge entrance fees?

Is your comp going to be THE competition, or, is it in parallel with the competition?

Also,what ages are we looking at?

Maybe you could create some sort of certificate, border it with thistles, ghillies, etc., claymores... use a special font? Looks like the most "attractive" award would either be a cup or ribbon of some sort, with the name of the event and the year. . . .

Your local supermarket probably has a lot of these: . . .

Would these help?
re: Award ideas for Cake Walk?
By mackay Comments: 32, member since Wed Mar 21, 2007
On Sat Sep 17, 2016 06:03 PM
This company has great crests.

Another option is to work out a deal with a local artist to create something unique. I love the celtic stained glass. Something as small as an ornament would be an ideal keepsake and make a really awesome award.
re: Award ideas for Cake Walk?
By LingScot Comments: 1040, member since Sat Apr 09, 2005
On Sat Sep 17, 2016 11:42 PM
What about a ceramic shortbread pan (you know, the kind with thistles or Scottie dogs or some other kind of design that then gets transferred to the shortbread)? [There are some small ones that are more like cookie stamps if your budget is really small.] Or a baking basket with ingredients / supplies / a recipe book for baking cakes?