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If any parents would be willing to at least check this out and see if you can help or share
By Briand76 Comments: 1, member since Wed Aug 24, 2016
On Wed Aug 24, 2016 07:21 PM
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I have a funding page set up. I figured since my daughter is in dance and loves it so much that perhaps others in the same type of situation may relate to our situation. Perhaps you'd be willing to help or perhaps at least be willing to share the page. We are just in a very tight hole with no foreseeable way out. We have many needs all at once, but the few mentioned in my funding page are at the top of the list, one of which includes my daughters dance class for the fall and spring that is about to start in a couple weeks that I cannot afford to pay for. So if you would take a look I truly appreciate it. . . .