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Which computer OS worked the best for you?
By ShadowLunaCatPremium member
On Sat Aug 27, 2016 07:13 AM

Or, rather, which OS was the most painfree.

I'm working with Windows Vista. I'm quite used to it. I have learned it's quirks. I can just about predict what will happen, and how to work around it.

Dear Bro, who is a software Whiz (both in talent and in speed), wants me to upgrade to Windows 10. I do NOT want to go to Windows 10, as I've heard in all sorts of computer 'zines and other places that 10 is one of the buggiest, also one of the most frustrating OS's around.

On the flipside, everyone with whom I've spoken, who have a tablet/smartphone/iphone, etc. says that 10 is the best.

I've had experience with Macs when the Mac Performa was around (circa 1997). I also wonder about Linux, and how people's experiences are.

The Chrome browser is somewhat annoying because the Powers That Be at Chrome have declared that they will not support OS's before Vista (I could be wrong on the precise wording).

So,I'm curious and eager to compare notes.
One of my friends is working happily away at her Windows 98, does NOT want to switch, things go quite well for her. Ah, Nostalgia!

One of my OTHER friends has 7, with touchscreen capability, the thing promptly seized up, and I can't get anything but a BSOD.

I hear Windows 2003 and 9 have been whipped into oblivion.



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re: Which computer OS worked the best for you?
By LissaJademember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Sun Aug 28, 2016 04:59 PM
I use - and highly recommend - Linux Mint (MATE desktop). In the past I have used Windows 98 & XP, FreeBSD, and Ubuntu. In my opinion Linux Mint is better than all those.

If you go to the Linux Mint website, you can download the current release, put it on a CD or flash drive, and try it out before actually installing it on your computer. If you use Windows-specific programs, you may still be able to run them using WINE - or you can usually find an equivalent or better open-source program. We still have Windows XP installed on one of our computers, but I have not needed to use it in a few years.

If you are going to use Linux Mint, I would recommend downloading and trying out both the MATE and Cinnamon versions - I prefer MATE, but I know that many people like Cinnamon.

re: Which computer OS worked the best for you?
By panicmember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Mon Aug 29, 2016 02:38 PM
Unless you're doing something VERY SPECIFIC, they're all pretty much the same.
re: Which computer OS worked the best for you?
By majeremember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Mon Aug 29, 2016 02:51 PM
I have Windows 10 on my surface tablet. I think we have Windows 7 at work. I had Windows 8 on my tablet before 10. I've used Vista, as well (my parents have it on their computer). I've used Windows XP. Probably some others in the past as well (95, 98 etc). Windows is Windows.
re: Which computer OS worked the best for you?
By SarahdncrPremium member
On Sat Sep 03, 2016 09:54 PM
Personally I have/run Win (Microsoft (MS) Windows) 7 Professional and it works quite well and is very stable. I also have an older desktop that I use mostly for photography work and I am still running Win XP on it, and 10 yr's. later from when I purchased it, I still find it to be very stable and doing well.

Win Vista, was not the best product Microsoft ever put out. But if it works for you, works. However I would venture a guess that not too many folks are still using Vista today. Win 8 was almost exclusively made for using on tablets and other touch-screen heavy devices, esp. if folks liked the "tiles" format.--I don't.

What you have heard about Win 10 is pretty much correct.

I would not touch it, and I have heard/read the same from some very tech savvy, though armature (read: computer hobbyist) folks on another forum. I've heard horror stories of how Win 10 has messed up printer drivers and has basically seized up peoples storage drives. A lot of folks who have tried it has gone back to their old OS's. Then also there are all the rumor's out there that Win 10 has a lot of spyware that was built-in to it for MS's benefit.

Basically the rule of thumb has been to wait about another year till MS works out all the bugs to Win 10. Many think the Win 10 OS was brought to market too quickly. I also understand in the OS industry that many of these systems are not really good until the first or second major Service Pack for the OS is released.

From what I have also read though is that Win 10 will work very well when pared with a machine (laptop) that is new. E.g.: New machine which is optimized for Win 10 = Good results so far.

And that is what many (and I as well) are doing, and which is my advice to you----When we go to buy our next laptop's we will get them with Win10.


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