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Extremely tight calves! Tips?
By Trippingontoes Comments: 4, member since Sat Sep 03, 2016
On Sat Sep 03, 2016 06:42 PM

My calves have always been tight but are now especially after not dancing for 2 years. I can't really do many stretches like touching toes, splits and downward dog because my calves give me so much trouble. To be honest just sitting 90 degrees when my legs are straight feels like a stretch. Anyways, tips?

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re: Extremely tight calves! Tips?
By highland_dancer5 Comments: 219, member since Mon Mar 10, 2014
On Sun Sep 04, 2016 08:21 AM
Do all those stretches that you listed, but just do them where you feel comfortable! Hold it where it starts to stretch for maybe 15ish seconds and then if it doesn't feel too bad, stretch it just a bit further. It's all about pushing your limits and going past where it feels comfortable. Of course don't push too far and hurt yourself. Always do a good warmup so the muscles are loose and ready to move, and then when you're done roll out your muscles (if you have a foam roller). I always say that theres good pain and bad pain, everyone's body will feel different so only go as far as you can before there's bad pain. One more stretch that helps is doing calf raises, but standing right on the edge of the stairs, so when you lower your heels should go down past the ledge. Good luck with your stretching!
re: Extremely tight calves! Tips?
By hummingbird Comments: 10442, member since Mon Apr 18, 2005
On Sun Sep 04, 2016 09:02 AM
That sounds like it's not just your calves that are tight, it sounds like hamstrings and lower back as well.

Standing on the edge of a stair and dropping the heels down will help with your calves, but only your calves.

If you do seated exercises with your legs stretched out you need to be able to sit up on top of your Sitz bones to be able to stretch out your hamstrings otherwise you won't be doing any good. If I have a Pilates client, or a dancer who is that tight through those posterior muscles prop them up when they're seated. You can use big books at home, just make sure it's something solid, not soft and then roll forwards with your abs engaged to try and reach for your toes.