Sock pattern
By marionskye
On 09/18/2016 09:08:57
Hi, looking to try & knit socks for my daughter, if anyone has a pattern? Thanks.
re: Sock pattern
By Bril
On 09/18/2016 14:21:23
I don't have a pattern per se, but I do know how to make them and can describe it well enough. I'm just finishing my second pair actually and I'd be happy to help. How experienced are you at knitting? You'll need to be able to knit and purl, as well as turn a heel and mattress stitch a seam (highland socks are knit flat or the pattern doesn't turn out right). Do you have the wool already? Are you buying a pre-made pack, or starting from scratch? Feel free to PM me or post on here because someone is always trying to make socks for the first time. It's a bit intimidating and it takes time, but it's super worth it in the end!
re: Sock pattern
By marionskye
On 09/27/2016 05:41:27
Thank you, will send pm, am an experienced knitter!
re: Sock pattern
By Skyesbridge
On 09/29/2016 21:28:06
I can send you a actual pattern. I've not got around to trying it yet... but the friend I got the pattern from made an amazing pair of hose from it. :)
re: Sock pattern
By PaulineFerrell
On 10/29/2020 10:43:20
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re: Sock pattern
By noahcentineo
On 12/08/2020 00:59:22
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re: Sock pattern
By ColtonDane
On 03/17/2021 07:10:53
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