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Dance after cheilectomy (MTP bone spur surgery)
By dancingsmurf Comments: 98, member since Thu Jan 10, 2008
On Mon Oct 03, 2016 09:47 PM

Hoping I might get a few responses, most of these boards seem to be pretty empty these days.
I have hallux rigidus, or bone spurs in the joint of my big toe which cause decreased range of motion and pain (since the bone gets in the way of the toe bending back during walking, running). Surgery has been put forth as an option, basically cleaning off the spurs and modifying the bone so I get range of motion back and hopefully less pain.
It affects both feet for range of motion, can't get up on my toes as high as I'd like because the toe joints have maybe 20-30 degrees, but only causes enough pain in "real life" in one side to consider surgery for it. It may help in dance but at this point I'm hoping to be able to walk after class without pain, if it helps me get higher into full demipointe, that's just bonus.
Has anyone had this before? Were you able to get back to dancing, and did it help? I've been given a 3-9 month expected recovery time which is a pretty huge range and would love to hear anyone else's experiences in getting back to dance!