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grey tights
By grovvin3254
On Fri Oct 21, 2016 08:01 PM

When I did ballet in my younger days it was black tights and white shirt with black slippers and of course the dancebelt. I did wear other color tights and a leotard every once and blue moon but not that often.

My son (10) has been doing ballet since the age of 5. And of the standard attire was applied as above. But a new director came in at the studio and switched the attire to dancebelt,grey tights,white socks,white slippers, and white leotard (white t shirt is okay but frowned upon).

The issue is that my son isn't really up for the whole leotard thing and he says that his grey tights are see through . Do you have any suggestions on why they would appear see through its not like their the white tights. the other question i have is how to get him to wear the leotard. The final question why did she change it? I attached a picture of what I'm talking about his uniform

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re: grey tights
By dnnydkns
On Sat Oct 22, 2016 12:28 PM
Grey is becoming a more popular color. Perhaps the change reflects keeping up with the trend.

I cannot relate to age 10. But as an adult male, I started to ballet class with T-shirt and shorts. I was not - really, really - not ready to be seen wearing tights. For adults, they were optional. Yet I knew it was an anxiety that it would be better to overcome. But it still was not going to be easy.

I don't know if that applies for your son - being reluctant, but kind of wanting to overcome that feeling. If the "wanting to overcome it" feeling is there, he can and will find a way to do that. Tell him I said so. He can then know he he not alone.

In my case, I spoke with peers. The male instructor and females from class. I remember one conversation in particular with two ladies which was the turning point.

I went to the next class in tights. After the first minute, the rest became easier. Dozens, then hundreds of classes later, I can't even find the old feeling left anywhere inside me. It has vaporized without a trace.

I don't know how this goes over for a 10 year old. But give something like this a try. Ask this. "Yes or no - would you feel better about yourself if you DID wear the uniform, or would you like to keep feeling awkward because feeling awkward is a better feeling? Just Yes or No." There should be only one answer.

Actually, I expect your son will find a way and he'll be off to his next class in uniform.

As for see-through? Offer to buy the next size larger. He'll grow into them anyway.
re: grey tights
By Storm_Trouper
On Mon Oct 31, 2016 02:44 AM
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I didn't think that I could contribute to this thread, however, please refer to Central's prospectus. It is among the top schools in the UK. Their website links to Freed's of London (noted dancewear firm and official supplier of clothing to Central); and for the junior boys, the Freed website lists navy blue tights (or shorts for pre-ballet) as the uniform requirement. A new director was promoted from within Central's ranks in September of 2016 so that part checks out. (Central apparently no longer does RAD examinations and blue is the formal legging color required of males taking RAD examinations.) . . .

The image does not appear to be of 10 year olds(?) and the dates of the Big Give matching campaign for 2016 are Nov. 29 - Dec 2.

Not all schools and academies standardize on black leggings or tights for their boys and youth. Some adopt grey or blue, or even white. Unitards in various hues are also utilized. The entire class level will be uniform, so participants adopt their organization's norms. If they switch organizations then they may be compelled to switch their outfits and conform. It's up to the administration to determine the dress code. Paris Opera and National (Canada) Ballet Schools are two that come to mind that have adopted grey; and there are others. Clothing that is lighter colored might possibly, depending on the fabric, become either slightly translucent in patches or else darker, when excessively wet or moist from perspiration; but dry or only slightly damp they are not designed to be see through. Any fine, woven, stretchy fabric that is stretched too tautly and therefore thinly will allow more light to pass through so proper fit is a fairly important factor in the effective performance of dancewear.

Such uniforms permit teachers to better guage and ascertain whether the correct patterns of muscular contractions are being engaged and utilized throughout various dance movements and ballet poses ... is the reason why they are what they are, it is generally recognized. Leos don't ride up the back after a grand port de bras en avant, and wrinkle up like close fitting t-shirts. Looser fitting t-shirts conceal or obscure whether the rib cage and torso alignments and pull up are optimal. Hope this helps.


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