Thank You/Reverence
By stargaze
On 10/26/2016 22:28:20
Had an interesting conversation with a Staff Member (who is also a dear friend) about Thank You's after class/Reverence. Is it a LOST tradition in the dance world? Should it only be limited to a Ballet class? As a training dancer, I always thanked my instructor at the end of class out of respect for the time the Teacher put into preparing class. It was instilled in us to do so. As a class, we were always "thanked" for being there. The "thank you" dance/reverence" was tradition. Has this been lost? Do you practice it actively in your studio? There is a group of dancers at my studio that ALWAYS thank their instructors at the end of class, reverence or not, regardless of style/genre. How does that carry over to a tap, hip hop or jazz class? I always make sure to thank my dancers for working so hard and accomplishing goals after each class. Just wondering how we can plant the seed to make it a this day and age, it is so important to encourage appreciation for a job well done from both the Teacher and Students. Not only to the "authority" figure but those participating. Just curious :)
re: Thank You/Reverence
By hummingbird
On 10/27/2016 09:31:01
We always do reverence in all disciplines, no it's not as formal as in classical ballet but they still do it because, as we say to them, dancers keep their manners. In all classes our reverence is a bow or curtesy to their teachers, a bow or curtsey to the assistant if there is one in the class and a bow or curtsey to their classmates. They then blow a kiss to themselves for their own hard work in class. In the ballet class they then either get stickers or they line up and shake their instructors hand. This is an ideal opportunity to bring up something they were working hard on in class and just reenforce that it was good work and that it was noticed.

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