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CPYB or Joffrey NY summer intensives?
By panso18
On Sat Oct 29, 2016 06:36 PM

Hello! I'm Sophia, and I'm debating on which summer intensive to choose for next summer (CPYB or Joffrey NY).

I went to CPYB last summer and I was quite pleased with it. I made SO many improvements, which I was happy about! After I went, I could finally do clean doubles and gained a lot more strength. It was a plus for me on having three technique classes and a pointe class a day, because I could focus on what I really needed to work on. I loved all my teachers! They gave equal attention (a big thing for me) and made so many helpful corrections. However, there were some catches I did not like. The schedule to me was a little repetitive and made the days uninteresting. Every day, you would always anticipate the same schedule. I know that other intensives stick to the same schedule, but for CPYB I felt it was a bit more droning in a sense. (I hope you all understand what I'm saying :))Also, Carlisle was in the middle of nowhere. During the first few weeks, it was fun going downtown. However, as we furthered into the summer intensive, we wouldn't have much to do during the weekends. I also had all my classes at the warehouse, so everyday I had to walk more than 2 miles back and forth. Of course, I am okay with exercise. However, in PA it was so hot all the time. I felt like I was more tired after I walked to class at times.

Overall, I enjoyed CPYB and wouldn't mind going again, mainly because I gained such solid technique. However, I am always eager to try new things. I would prefer going to a SI in New York City because it is closer to home than Carlisle, so my parents can visit. I have heard about the Joffrey NY SI and am curious to know more information about it and whether I should still choose to go to CPYB.

For Joffrey:
1) What's the audition like?
2) What is the meal plan, and does it have vegan options?
3) Do the teachers give good and fair corrections?
4) How big are the classes?
5) What are the performances like? (Are there excerpts from different ballets, how many rehearsals, when do you perform?)
6) How are the studios?
7) Is there housing for 16 year olds? If so, what is it like?
8) What's a typical schedule like in the day?
9) What are the weekend activities? How much does it cost?
10)Did you feel like you improved a lot?

If you didn't like Joffrey, what other intensives are there in NYC that are somewhat similar?
Thanks so much for all your help!

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re: CPYB or Joffrey NY summer intensives?
On Sun Nov 06, 2016 06:52 AM
I think you would benefit a lot more from going to cpyb again. From what I've heard, the Joffrey nyc summer intensive is not very valuable in terms of technical gains.
However, if you want to go to a summer program in NYC, there are plenty of better options! For instance, there's SAB, JKO, Ellison, Bolshoi and way more. Another great, shorter option would be the BAE summer intensive, which is only two weeks, but is considered the "sister school" to CPYB, so most CPYB students go there too.
I went to CPYB for three years, and I'm planning on returning as an RA this summer. I may be biased, but I don't think there's any summer intensive where you get as much out of it as CPYB. Even though it might feel boring to be in a town like Carlisle, being in a small town can actually help keep you from being distracted. I'm from the DC and Philadelphia area, but I always look forward to the idleness and quirkiness of Carlisle. My second and third years there were definitely better than the first.


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