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CPYB Summer Intensive
By Bunhead101
On Wed Nov 09, 2016 02:17 PM

I am planning on applying for the cpyb summer program- I have a few questions though and I was wondering if anyone has some insight.

1) I understand placement classes are based mostly on your pictures you send in with the application. I know turnout is big thing they look at. Is there any thing else you may know about that is important to pay attention to in your photos?

2) I have read some reviews mentioning a huge emphasis on the ideal ballerina body. I myself have a pretty close to ideal physic- but my chest is larger than most ballerinas. I am worried I may be called out on this. Do you think this is a possibility?

3) This is my first summer intensive and I am wondering how many pointe shoes I will need to bring. I wear russian pointes, an this is my second year on pointe. My shoes usually die in about three-four weeks not including jet glue. I have 3 classes a week on pointe each about an hour long+ 1-2 hour rehearsals every weekend.

Thanks for your help!!!

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re: CPYB Summer Intensive
On Wed Nov 16, 2016 07:01 PM
Hi!! I went to CPYB for four years and I plan on returning as an RA this summer :)
1) Just showcase your technique to the best of your ability! They also place you based on the school you attend and how many ballet classes you take per week. They are pretty good at placing people!! Even if you send photos that make you look a lot better or worse than you think they are, they've been doing this for a loooonnngggg time. Take your photos but don't stress too much about them. In the year I thought I took the worst photos, I was placed in the highest level. They really know what they're doing.
2) I don't think there is an emphasis or a preference at cpyb for the ideal ballet body. I've never been in a class where any comments about body type have been made, and I've been in many classes with many varied body types. Because there's no audition, there is so much more variety at CPYB and it is amazing!! Marcia's philosophy is that anyone and everyone deserves to and can do ballet, which is why it is made so accessible.
3) In higher levels, there is a pointe class every day and sometimes partnering. It is likely, though, since this is your first summer intensive and only your second year on pointe, that you will not be placed in a level that does pointe everyday. You should be good bringing one or two pairs, especially if you currently go through only a pair a month. CPYB is firm in the belief that technique classes on flat are more important than pointe classes and they will explain in the first week that you shouldn't be disappointed if you don't have pointe classes. You will improve beyond measure during the summer program and what you learn in technique classes will improve your pointe work.

I hope to see you this summer!!
re: CPYB Summer Intensive
By S_H_A_O_
On Sun Dec 04, 2016 06:41 PM
Hi, I went to CPYB a few years ago. Most of of my answers are similar to the other person's, but here is some of my insight:

1) In terms of photos, I wouldn't stress too much about them When I went, all of the year-round "prodigies" had amazing turnout, but you don't need perfect 180° turnout. Most of the level placement is based on the photos but I remember a few people were moved around during the first two weeks. I would just take photos that you believe show your best technique.

2) When I went, I remember there not being any issues with people's bodies. I've heard rumors of teachers calling people fat, but I'm not sure if they were true. When I went I was pretty young (12) and everyone in my class was around that age or younger, so I'm not sure if the older students had a different experience. But because there is no audition required, CPYB is notoriously known for training all styles of dancers at all levels, so I would predict that body type isn't a huge emphasis.

3) I'm not sure what level of dancing you are, but at CPYB most of the levels had daily pointe classes except for the 5 or so lowest levels. From experience, I had pointe classes every day and I went through about 2 pairs and I was wearing Grishkos. For you I would say bring about 3 pairs. If worst comes to worst, you may be able to order pointe shoes online and have them shipped to you, or you can visit the dance store in the town of Carlisle and see if there are any pointe shoes there that you may like. I would definitely say to bring extra pointe shoes. You can always save them for the future.

Hope this helps!
re: CPYB Summer Intensive
By scoutg
On Tue Jan 03, 2017 08:05 PM
Hi, I attended CPYB in 2014; I know a lot has changed since then, but here are my answers to your questions, hope i can help :)
1) If I were you, I would focus on turn out, placement, and straight knees in your photos. Basically, try to showcase your technique to the best of your ability. You may not be happy with the photos you submit (I know I wasn't always!) but it's all about portraying yourself accurately so that you're placed in the correct level for your abilities. You wouldn't want your photos to make it seem like you're a perfect ballerina because then they wouldn't see the "problem areas" that you have to work on and they wouldn't be able to place you in a level where you can really improve.

2) When I attended CPYB, I was 12 and I was in one of the "prodigy" levels with many year-rounder students who were a lot younger than me. For this reason, I don't think body issues were ever mentioned in my class. As I remember (and it may have been due to my age), the teachers were very kind and I don't think anyone would "call you out" because of your body.

3) I had 5 pointe classes a week, which is my normal workload, so I think I brought 5 pairs because I wear freed pointe shoes and you are not allowed to have jet glue in the dorms. However, as a protip if you will, you can go to the dance shop and ask maria to help you glue your shoes so it technically wouldn't be in the dorms and would be allowed. same goes for burning ribbons if you need to. During CPYB, there are also pointe shoe fittings which you can attend and you might end up purchasing a new pair of pointe shoes, which I did. Worst case senario, you need another pair of shoes: your parents can easily order you a pair or you can get a pair from the dance shop, it is very close to the campus.


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