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Scammed!! Any information or help please?!
By FionaMunroxxx
On Sun Dec 11, 2016 06:09 AM


We have been scammed off a woman named Sarah who claimed she was from Pink Academy in Millhill in London which we have now found out she is not. The dance teacher she told us was Lucy who we also received texts from. The address we sent the costumes to is:

43 Rawmillies Road

Her texts came up from Paddys Greatest Power and the number was 07446627763.

She asked us to send down all of the four costumes above for her daughter Charlotte to try on as she was looking for new costumes. She then claimed they were unsuitable and she was sending them back to us, however, after a week we had not received them, therefore my mum contacted the dance school again only to be told the pupil did not exist. We have continually tried to contact Sarah, however, she is not replying.

We just wanted to warn everyone so she cannot do this again and we are also asking if anyone knows any information or has seen the costumes to help us with the situation to please get in touch as we would greatly appreciate it!

Fiona & KIm

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re: Scammed!! Any information or help please?!
By Theresamember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Sun Dec 11, 2016 10:10 PM
A few things:

When you're selling costumes, ask for a deposit first. Tell them you'll deduct the deposit from the final price if they decide to purchase. It doesn't have to be a big dollar amount, just enough that it stings a little.

Googling first would have saved a lot of frustration, no?

And assuming that you have receipts, proof that you did right, proof that she said she would and didn't, you could go to the police. It's not guaranteed they'd do anything, but it certainly doesn't hurt.

And, lastly...make her life complicated now. Post the pictures here, with a large proclamation that they've been stolen, by someone who claims to be Suzy NotACostumeThief, and if anyone sees these costumes, to please contact you at (however you prefer to be contacted, text or whatever). Posters at competitions. Facebook, Twitter, whatever social media channels you use. If you get the word out that they've been stolen, then they're no good to her no more, because now everybody knows she's a thief, and you're more likely to get them back.


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