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Highland the good the bad and the ugly.......
By highlandwife Comments: 20, member since Fri Nov 25, 2011
On Sat Dec 17, 2016 06:00 AM

First off I want to thank the mother from Scarborough Ontario for starting the most bizarre smear campaign over two years ago against my dancer because apparently she gave her daughter the "stink eye" at an outdoor games. Her words not mine. You have been successful on this front by collecting your minions and their children and taking a lover of dance WHO btw is a CHILD to a non-lover of dance. Well done.
My dancer was never to be a champion, she was never to beat you dancer.... which was never our purpose in dance but you still made it your mission. Mission accomplished... good job. She's done.
To all of the other mothers who let this happen over what I would call nothing... good example to set for your dancers....

The the emotionally disturbed dance teacher (and everyone knows who you are) you are a drunk and have NO business teaching children. I have a load of crazy emails I could share but I won't because then I would be just like that mean mother in Scarborough...... not how I live my life.

To the most wonderful teacher in the world...... thank you for being so amazing with my girl. She loves you so much... you always had such faith in her. Thank you.
To highland dance THANK you! You have taught my daughter poise, grace and confidence that have moulded her into a beauty I am so proud of. Thank you for the good times through the bad, all of the great travel and visiting with extended family. Thank you.

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re: Highland the good the bad and the ugly.......
By booverly Comments: 1980, member since Fri Jul 02, 2004
On Sat Jan 07, 2017 12:37 AM
highlandwife, I know it's been a couple of week since your post, but I just wanted to say, that all ScotDance dancers must adhere to a code of ethics. This should be reported to ScotDance Canada with your documentation. No child should be treated like this and no dance teacher such as the one you describe should be allowed to teach while spreading such hurtful feelings.

I wish you and your dancer all the best and am very sorry that you both had to experience such shameful treatment.
re: Highland the good the bad and the ugly.......
By KirstenLeeSmember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 780, member since Sun Mar 13, 2005
On Thu Jan 19, 2017 11:23 AM
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I would like to second what booverly said. This should be reported to ScotDance, however in the meantime this post should not be on the Internet.
Regardless of what went on, it is unfair to react by smearing a teacher's name online in the very small Highland world.

These are some very serious allegations and are essentially another smear campaign being started in response to the very smear campaign you've claimed was against your dancer. This is not the correct avenue to take to rectify the wrong you feel was done to yourself and your dancer. has been a site in recent years where users are not anonymous which has prevented posts made in anger that often appeared on the other Highland site many may remember, which thankfully is now defunct.

highlandwife, you can message a mod and request to have your post taken down- the longer this post spends online the more people read it (749 to date) and I doubt 'everyone' knows who the 'emotionally disturbed' dancer is; regardless of what actually went on, this creates a reputation for not only said dancer teacher but any other dance teacher in the area. Both of these scenarios are unjust.