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Humbly seeking moderator answers to questions I still have on posting
By CinderEmma Comments: 151, member since Mon Sep 05, 2016
On Mon Dec 19, 2016 08:29 AM

I've been reading up on many of the "how to" stickies on tips over usage, but I still have a few questions. It's okay if not all of the questions are answered; I know moderators are busy people too.

1. I recently recieved a moderator action report over an accidental double post. Even though it was unintentional, can it make the moderator angry enough that it might jeopardize my future on Do I apologize to that moderator through a private message?

2. Sometimes I wish to reply to a thread that is very old, but the server tells me that I cannot respond to a thread that hasn't had a message in over sixty days. It also tells me that if I wish to respond, that I should create a new topic. But wouldn't that be double-posting?

3. If a poll hasn't received a vote nor a response in over sixty days, can I still vote on that poll?

4. Some of the polls that I have created are meant to be long term. It is my wish that new members in the distant future to always have the option of voting in my poll, no matter how old the thread is. Does that mean if there has been no action in that poll after 59 days, I need to respond or vote on it myself just to keep the thread alive and not getting locked up forever?

5. What is the actual purpose of diaries?

6. How do I delete images from my gallery that I don't really need? (Like one of the pictures where I accidently had the camera lens covered? You won't see it on my gallery because I've hidden it from view.)

7. What is all that stuff about prediction dollars?

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re: Humbly seeking moderator answers to questions I still have on posting
By Kathymember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 10721, member since Wed Mar 05, 2003
On Mon Dec 19, 2016 09:01 AM
I am no moderator, but still know answers:

1: no, it doesn´t make them angry. it´s just their daily routine here at, Double posts happen to almost everyone here from time to time. Nothing to worry about that.

2: There are two things you can do in such a case:
a) you send a private message to the original poster with your thoughts.
b) you hit the mod button and ask for the thread to be revived (explain them why), if they think you have a good reason, they will revive it

3. sorry, don´t know

4. like number 3, don´t know

6. you can´t delete them. teaches you to think first before posting, because deleting posts or photos does not happen here (there may be exceptions if it´s really urgent, then send a message to a mod and they will look to it)

7. never really cared about those prediction dollars, don´t know if they actually have any meaning except fun
re: Humbly seeking moderator answers to questions I still have on posting
By TheMidlakeMusemember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 11338, member since Sun Nov 23, 2003
On Mon Dec 19, 2016 09:05 AM
Polls stay open forever.
re: Humbly seeking moderator answers to questions I still have on posting
By Sumayah Comments: 6945, member since Wed Nov 12, 2008
On Mon Dec 19, 2016 12:50 PM
Edited by Sumayah (204191) on 2016-12-19 12:56:21 Stuff

1) Mods are sort of the maintenance/janitorial staff of the forums. We keep things tidy and clean up any spots that need a little attention. However, we don't see everything, so other members will mod stuff. For instance if you noticed a double post, you could click the mod button and leave a message saying "double post" and the mods will receive an email. Then when one of us has time, we'll go in and remove it. It's like telling a worker in the grocery store, "hey there's a spill on aisle 2" and they get someone to mop it up. No big deal!

2) feel free to ask us to "bump" a thread you want to respond to if you don't want to create a new topic. If the post is pretty current, we'll bump it, no problem. If the post is too old and would basically be a zombie post (coming back from the dead) then we recommend making a new topic.

3) polls are forever!

4) polls are forever!

5) Depends. For some people it's Iike a blog, for others it's an actual diary/journal. Some people use it as a place to put random stuff, for others it's a place to track their dance, fitness, or healthy living goals. So anything really, just like a paper diary, the online diaries can be used for any numbers of purposes.

6) mods can "hide" images for you. If you look at my profile, I don't have any images. It's not that I don't, I just choose to hide them all. We can, however, remove images from posts if you accidentally post the wrong picture.

7) Back in ddn's heyday, I know people would use their prediction dollars to like bet on who would win the Oscar's or Tony's or elections. It's like gambling with points. You start with five 5 points and bet 2 of them and win, now you have 7 points. But they're points. The don't actually physically exist. So if you've won a bunch of prediction dollars, it's closer to having bragging rights that you guessed correctly rather than any physical exchange of money or items.

Also, we're pretty laid back, so don't feel bad if you mod something or have questions. I know other dance forums are a little, erm, uptight? But I promise, we have fun and know that people need help with stuff - that's why we're here. We're actually super happy to help!