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How I feel right now
By CinderEmma Comments: 136, member since Mon Sep 05, 2016
On Tue Dec 20, 2016 05:16 PM

I miss my Mom and Daddy so much. They both died on my eighth birthday. I had started dancing as a way to cope with the loss. Now, almost nineteen years later, ballet is still not enough to keep me from crying myself to sleep.

I can hide behind my dance in the day...but at the end of the night, I always feel just as alone, cold and empty as the night they died. They say time heals all wounds...but hasn't enough time passed already?

I know my Mom and Daddy are watching me from up above...because I can feel my mother's celestrial kiss on my cheek. I sometimes wonder how proud my Mom and Daddy would be of my dancing if they were alive today.

But then, if they were still alive...I never would have begun dancing...

With Love,