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Recital Fees
By snowwhite74 Comments: 43, member since Thu May 10, 2007
On Wed Jan 04, 2017 09:53 AM

How do you deal with parents who want to pick and chose what they are paying for? In the past we did a recital fee per student of $5.00 which covered stage props or backdrop. this year we changed it to $25.00 which covers the stage props and a DVD of the show. I have parents telling me they don't want a to purchase a DVD. Our class fees are CHEAP $48.00 per student and classes are 13 weeks. The parents purchase a ticket for 7.00 and pay for costume fee which can range from 45.00 to 60.00. If they want photos they pay for those if not no bid deal.

How do you handle parents who don't want to pay for something that is now required?

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re: Recital Fees
By turtletoeshoe Comments: 176, member since Tue Jun 03, 2003
On Wed Jan 04, 2017 07:01 PM
Honestly, I would tell them that they don't have to get the free dvd, but that the recital fee is still $25 and they can either pay to perform or not participate. Parents, in general, don't understand how much cost goes into paying for a recital, and once it's broken down for them, it seems to go over better.
re: Recital Fees
By DanceDean Comments: 174, member since Tue May 31, 2011
On Thu Jan 05, 2017 07:05 AM
As a parent, I wouldn't like that I'm "required" to purchase a dvd of the show.

Maybe you can change it to a "bonus." Like, "included in your recital fee is a bonus dvd of the show."

I'd play around with the wording.