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Suggestions on building a temporary studio
By Inca_cola Comments: 1, member since Wed Jan 04, 2017
On Wed Jan 04, 2017 11:41 PM

Hello! I am a new teacher who has volunteered to teach a non-profit homeschool dance class to a small group of children every week. Right now I am teaching ballet and tap, and have 9 students. I rent a local community center, who offered me a discounted rate, and so far they have been very helpful and flexible.

Now, I have a barre that my husband helped build, and it's collapsible and portable. I have a sound system, so that's all well and good. The only other thing I'd like to have are mirrors. Since I don't have the budget for glassless mirrors or professional mirrors, I ordered six full-length floor mirrors from Target. They're the frameless kind, intended for home gyms. At the time, I read online that many people use No-Damage Command strips to attach their mirrors to the wall. I calculated that I would use about 4 strips per mirror, and according to the directions, that would be more than enough. However, I'm feeling a little paranoid about having them crash and shatter, and I'm wondering if anyone else has experience and/or suggestions? I'm also less than enthusiastic about having to purchase the strips every single week, since the venue is rented and I need to take the mirrors down when we are not there.

Has anyone else ever set up a temporary studio like this?

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re: Suggestions on building a temporary studio
By turtletoeshoe Comments: 176, member since Tue Jun 03, 2003
On Tue Jan 17, 2017 02:04 PM
The Velcro command strips are surprisingly strong, you could see if the center is willing to let you leave the strips up on their walls then just remove the mirrors every week? Or just forgo the mirrors. I've taught in many preschool/private school/after school situations with no mirrors and it works just fine.