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Atlanta Ballet or Nashville Ballet?
By SarahElizL Comments: 23, member since Wed Feb 25, 2015
On Thu Feb 09, 2017 12:14 PM

I have recently been auditioning for summer intensives, as well as programs for next fall. As I'm from Alaska, information about programs and how they work can be hard to come by, so I was wondering if anyone had any information they would be willing to share? My two top choices right now are Nashville Ballet and Atlanta Ballet, I have been accepted into both summer programs. After the audition for Nashville, the director of the school and trainee program held me back to talk to me about the trainee program and how it works, but he never actually said if I was accepted. About a week after my Atlanta audition, the director emailed me saying that she enjoyed watching me in the audition and thought I would be a great fit for their pre-professional program, but once again, she never said if I had been accepted.
Does anyone know if I might have to go through the summer program for these year round programs? And if so, what are (roughly) the chances of me actually being accepted?
Thank you so much in advance for any information!

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re: Atlanta Ballet or Nashville Ballet?
By dncermama Comments: 49, member since Fri Feb 04, 2011
On Fri Feb 17, 2017 09:43 AM
This also happened to my daughter. I think it is rare to actually accept you without having you attend their summer intensive. Turns out when my dd did attend, the AD asked her again if she would be auditioning for his year-round program. They held separate auditions. He really wanted her to stay for the year-round. So, I would say if you go to one of the intensives, you have a high probability of getting in.
re: Atlanta Ballet or Nashville Ballet?
By SarahElizL Comments: 23, member since Wed Feb 25, 2015
On Fri Mar 03, 2017 12:07 PM
dncermama, Thank you so much for your information! It's nice to know that this isn't too uncommon then!