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Pointe Shoes with Hard Boxes
By MaddyM52903 Comments: 4, member since Sat Feb 25, 2017
On Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:16 AM

My shoes, Russian Pointe Rubins (I think) were used for about 8 months and then the box started to die. I have jet glue and my ballet teacher is going to glue them, so they'll last me until I can get new ones. I only go en pointe once a week for an hour. I have a narrow foot, which is why RPs seem to look the best on my foot. I have a FM shank. I LOVE the Russian Pointe style and would hate to switch brands. Are there any shoes similar to RPs with a harder box?

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re: Pointe Shoes with Hard Boxes
By scoutg Comments: 20, member since Tue Jan 03, 2017
On Sun Feb 26, 2017 09:13 AM
Grishko has a really hard box but a more flexible shank, so maybe you can try that, but shoes lasting for eight months is actually a really long time, even if you only do pointe for an hour a week!!
re: Pointe Shoes with Hard Boxes
By Serendipity42Premium member Comments: 2271, member since Sun Aug 16, 2009
On Sun Feb 26, 2017 10:16 AM
Dang! Eight months is fantastic! Pointe shoes generally only have between 16-20 hours of life in them. I use my shoes about 3 hours a week and get about 2 months out of them - also RP Rubin. My shank dies before the box does, though.
re: Pointe Shoes with Hard Boxes
By S_H_A_O_ Comments: 234, member since Sun Apr 21, 2013
On Sun Feb 26, 2017 06:26 PM
As others have said, 8 months is very long for one pir of pointe shoes. Mine last usually 1 month if I'm lucky. For hardening the box, try glueing the shoes BEFORE you wear them. Grishkos are also a very good option. Maybe try Gaynors as well. They have a softer box but they're notoriously known for lasting a long time, so they may work for you.