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Heel too big and feet two different sizes
By skylaskyhigh Comments: 2, member since Sat Mar 11, 2017
On Sun Mar 26, 2017 12:59 PM

Hi, I recently began pointe. My feet are two different sizes and sometimes I'll end up doing exercises in the slightly bigger pair because they're a bit more comfy right now than the smaller pair. The thing is, I have a lot of extra baggage in the heel and I'm wondering how I can adjust that. I've heard of stitching the vamp and sewing elastic to the inside of the heel, and I've even been told to use lambswool. Any suggestions?/? There is VERY slight extra room around the sides of the shoe but not noticeable at all; it's really in the heel that's causing trouble. Thanks!!

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re: Heel too big and feet two different sizes
By Gracie220 Comments: 53, member since Tue Feb 24, 2015
On Wed Mar 29, 2017 09:23 AM
Question: it sounds like you have two pairs of pointe shoes - are they both the exact same kind? If so, you could mix up the pairs so that there's one larger one and one smaller one in each pair. I've heard there are lots of dancers who do that.
re: Heel too big and feet two different sizes
By shannonenpointe Comments: 3, member since Sun Apr 30, 2017
On Sun Apr 30, 2017 05:27 PM
To help with the feet being two different sizes, wear two different sizes of pointe shoes, So, the size that fits your right foot on your right foot, and the size that fits your left foot on your left foot. Pointe shoes don't have a right and a left so you won't be wasting any shoes. I actually have to do this, and it's much better having both your feet be comfortable (as much as they can be in pointe shoes) than one being forced into a shoe that's too small or one having extra space that makes it harder to get over the box.