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Movement games and exercises (dance improv?)
By TheNutcracker Comments: 1, member since Sat Apr 01, 2017
On Sat Apr 01, 2017 06:29 AM

First of all, let me state I am not a dancer.
However, I have been doing contemporary here in the UK (what you would call modern on this board) for the last year, and I have some background as a PT, in gymnastics, and circus aerial training.

I guess I am what you could call a student of movement, in all its forms.

Does anyone here (teachers/students) have examples of movement games, exercises, and dance improv activities they could share? Or any links to good ressources (books/online/videos).

Here are a few of mine:
- Zen archer
- Animals walks and locomotion
- Move as if on a boat
- Move as if supported only by your skeleton
- Move as if supported only by your muscles
- Moving across the floor with X body parts remaining in contact at all times.