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Best ballet shoes/sizing
By pirouettingfish Comments: 5, member since Thu Apr 13, 2017
On Fri Apr 14, 2017 07:38 PM

Does anyone have any suggestions for some good ballet flat that are canvas, have elastic instead of drawstring, and have cross straps?

And, what is the sizing for them? I usually go to a dance store, but what if I wanted to order online? What are the guidelines for sizes?

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re: Best ballet shoes/sizing
By Katja144member has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 3223, member since Sat Jul 30, 2005
On Sun Apr 30, 2017 12:08 AM
Edited by Katja144 (137399) on 2017-04-30 00:10:09
I think it's hard to figure out without trying on. At least if you have a foot that might be hard to fit*. At the very least, if a classmate has shoes you think might work for you, see if they'll let you try them on for a moment. Then find out what brand they are. Otherwise, ordering online, if you don't at least have a brand in mind that works for you, it could be an exercise in trial-and-error (maybe order several pairs, try on at home, and return the ones that don't work).

You might want to specify how your feet are shaped, so people can make recommendations based on that. Websites for the various makers should probably have info on sizing? Though searching your preferred brand here might also find discussion on how they fit vs. street shoe size, etc.

*I found when I bought my first pair that having narrow feet with tapered toes is apparently not ideal-- all of the pairs I tried on looked pretty ridiculous on me, with extra fabric at the toes (meant for people with straight-across toes) or at the sides or the heel or whatever. The ones I bought were only the ones that didn't make me feel like I was wearing bags on my feet and which I could actually work with, not necessarily ones that fit absolutely great! (From which I learned-- go to a store that stocks a ton of brands/models, not just a few. I might've found a better fit at a place that had more than two or three brands available-- I once asked a classmate about her shoes because they looked like they'd be perfect for me, but it was a brand my local store didn't stock so I didn't have that option.)

Mine, btw, are the Bloch Pro-Elastic, I think, though I don't know if they're made anymore. They both have elastic rather than drawstring, and criss-cross elastic straps (pre-sewn, though, so if you'd rather do your own, you're out of luck). As I said, these worked for my weird foot best (I can't remember the three or four others I tried on that didn't work). I think they might be okay for someone with more square toes as well-- just that they don't have so much extra (for me) fabric at the toe that I felt it was practically flopping around (nobody wants their degage/jete to look like they're waving a flag on their toe...).
re: Best ballet shoes/sizing
By shannonenpointe Comments: 3, member since Sun Apr 30, 2017
On Sun Apr 30, 2017 05:15 PM
I currently am wearing the SoDanca Bliss (SD16) and I LOVE them. They're canvas with the elastic instead of the drawstring and the cross straps, but I can't help you with sizing that much.