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knee pain strikes again
By LiveLoveDance5 Comments: 226, member since Fri Jan 30, 2009
On Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:34 AM

This doesn't always happen to me, but it did after class yesterday - I get a sharp, pinching pain in my left leg, just to the side of my kneecap (lateral side). Not really the actually side of my knee, but if you put your fingers on your kneecap and bend your knee slightly, right in that little dip that forms.

I only feel the pain when I straighten my leg all the way and engage my quad, i.e. I don't feel it when I'm just standing. My left side is a little bit of a mess, and I suspect I've got a wonky something happening with my alignment (Q-angle, perhaps?). Pretty much all of my issues have been on my left side, but I feel like there's a little torsion happening with my leg, where my femur wants to turn in more and the lower half of my leg is fine. Nervous this might be a meniscus thing!

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re: knee pain strikes again
By hummingbird Comments: 10414, member since Mon Apr 18, 2005
On Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:12 PM
When we dance we use the lateral quads way more because of turnout, you need to work your medial quads and strengthen them as well as stretching out your lateral quads and your deep hip flexors, the Psoas and Iliacus. Foam rolling the lateral thigh would also help.

The first picture is of an IT band stretch done correctly, the second one is it done incorrectly, you can see in the first picture the person is leaning forward from the hip and maintaining neutral spine, in the second one he's getting a nice lower back stretch but not a lot else because he's flexing his spine, he's going to feel like he's doing a lot but it's the wrong muscles.

The next two pictures are of a very good Psoas stretch. The key is to keep the tail bone tucked under and the glue activated as you lean forwards onto the front leg. The first picture you can see the guy is doing this and his ribcage is over his pelvis still. He's not getting nearly so far forwards as the guy in the second picture and that's how it should be you can also see the second guys ribs are way more forwards, this tells us he's letting the stretch get into his lower back and bypassing the hip flexors. Less is definitely more in this case.

The other thing you can do and this is for the medial quads is put a change purse between your knees when you sit down so that the knees are slightly medially rotated. The change purse keeps the muscles engaged and the minute it slips you know the muscles are letting go, it'll really make your medial quad burn if you do it for even just a few minutes.