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Making a Kilt
By TETrus Comments: 70, member since Sun Apr 01, 2012
On Mon Apr 17, 2017 06:47 AM

I'm making my first kilt (using the art of kilt making) and am facing a couple challenges. Hoping this group can help me out (again)

1. I am using double-width fabric. I tore it (based on measurements) and will hide the join near the centre back...however the second piece (for the right of centre back and under apron) is woven more tightly. The first 2 setts match (up and down), and then between there and the selvedge, the second piece is 1/4 inch shorter (or the matching stripe at the end is 1/4 inch away).

Do I just wet and stretch? Carefully? I don't want to skew it in the wrong area...
I know slightly shorter is great for the underapron, but want the kilt to look correct across the back.

2. Does it matter how I join the apron edge when creating the first pleat? The book explains how to choose the centre back pleat and to work from there...but I'm not sure that leaves the most flattering/true to set transition from apron to pleats. Do others pay attention to this?

Thanks in Advance

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re: Making a Kilt
By TETrus Comments: 70, member since Sun Apr 01, 2012
On Tue Apr 18, 2017 10:18 AM
If anyone else is in this situation, head over to

Barb T (one of the authors of "The art of Kiltmaking") responded to my questions. There are many kiltmakers who can offer advice.