MindBodyOnline vs Dance Studio Pro
By BE_dancestudios
On 04/17/2017 13:13:01
Hi All! We are looking into changing from dance studio - pro to mindbodyonline. We absolutely LOVE Dance Studio Pro, its features and its pricing. However, the longer we use it, the more and more we realize that it is not the most user friendly for our customers. Which is why we are considering MIndBodyOnline. Can anyone give us feedback on the software? Thanks in advance
re: MindBodyOnline vs Dance Studio Pro
By vfdt
On 05/01/2017 22:12:44
MindBody was designed for adults taking single fitness classes, so I don't think it will be easier for parents to manage their child's dance sessions, along with annual recital/costume fees, etc. I looked into it, and quickly decided it wasn't for me, when it appeared to hold onto your $$ tuition payments for you - as if you wanted them to manage your money, including government reporting. I've also seen recent posts from those who had it and dropped it, in favor of Dance Studio Pro. The MindBody sales rep was also too pushy for me, so be fully aware of its features before deciding.

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