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Advice on hose?
By marginalia Comments: 5, member since Tue Apr 11, 2017
On Wed Apr 19, 2017 03:41 PM

Hello again! I just bought a kilt set secondhand from someone on this wonderful site, but because it's being shipped internationally I'm uncertain when it will arrive (or even if it will fit).

We have a performance next weekend and I'll be there with my beginner fling and 2+1 sword, because why not, right? And my teacher was kind enough to lend me a few old things she's got around, including an extra red and green band kilt (I'll be matching the pipe band!). She recommended that I get some off-white knee socks that I can fold over to wear for the performance.

My question: is it acceptable to wear cable knit socks as a beginner dancer? Or do the white socks need to be smooth and without any knitted patterns (except dicing of course)? It's really hard to find socks that don't look like they've been knitted like a chunky sweater, even on kilt websites (aimed mostly at non-dancing men).


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re: Advice on hose?
By Bril Comments: 147, member since Thu Mar 07, 2013
On Wed Apr 19, 2017 06:32 PM
As a beginner, everyone will usually be pretty lenient on your costume.
The trouble with cabled pipe band style socks is you might have trouble getting proper shedding movements with the bulky wool.
Do the socks need to be off white to match the kilt? Otherwise I would suggest checking a sports store to see if they have volleyball socks. Those usually come in white, are knee high, and stay up on their own pretty well.
Soccer socks are thicker, but the more modern spandex blend ones would be about the same thickness as wool hose. The trouble would be finding white ones without any stripes on them.

I hope you find something that works, good luck!
re: Advice on hose?
By marginalia Comments: 5, member since Tue Apr 11, 2017
On Wed Apr 19, 2017 08:20 PM
Great advice on the volleyball socks-- I really appreciate it. Scouring Amazon and the general Internet at large has not been particularly helpful.

My coach told me she prefers the off-white for performances because it's hard to know how clean the floors will be. The off-white/cream helps hide dirt during the performance itself : ) I won't be competing until the fall so I should have diced or tartan hose by then.

Thanks again!