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boob tape
By rdf96 Comments: 2, member since Sat Apr 22, 2017
On Sat Apr 22, 2017 08:35 PM

my sister (14) is pretty busty and is planning to tape boobs for this years concert to keep everything in place since she cant wear a proper supportive bra under her costumes (the most problematic one has a low back halterneck, and v cut at the front).

I know that quite a few students at my studio have done this previously, but none of them are around anymore for her to ask, and I have never had this problem myself as I am pretty flat.

I have seen this mentioned quite a few times so I know lots of people must tape for performances but I have never seen advice on how to actually do it (how to position the tape etc.) If anyone could give me some advice on taping it would be much appreciated.