Hectic week and missing rehearsals; I feel bad but there's not much I can do.
By dancingbell2017
On 04/25/2017 17:25:43
So, this week is super busy for me. Along with your general end-of-year school chaos, I also have a mandatory dance performance with my school dance company on Friday, a mandatory school concert next Thursday, and a school trip that does not get home until 9:00pm. Normally, all this would be fine and I would only be missing one dance class (Thursday). Unfortunately, my studio's company (which I am on) is performing two weeks from now (May 7) at a public performance. My teacher scheduled Friday rehearsals (that, mind you, have not been sent to the parents ((or at least my mom))) for the next two weeks so we can finish and clean our piece. I am missing the next two Friday rehearsals because of the above mentioned conflicts. The class that I am missing on Thursday is also taught by the same teacher who choreographed the piece. I feel really bad for missing all of the rehearsals, but there is really nothing I can do. I don't want to let down the company or my teacher. Generally, my studio is pretty chill, but this show is pretty important. I know I made a commitment at my studio, but I also made commitments elsewhere. I emailed my teacher about this over the weekend, but I just told her today about this Friday and have not told her about missing Thursday (insert embarrassed face here). On top of this, I am not the most confident ( and sort of struggle with) with the choreography because it really is not what I'm used to, but I am trying my best. I wanted to know if anyone has any tips for how to handle this well or can just relate. I honestly would totally understand if I was taken out of the piece, but I am just afraid of facing my teacher and am just stressed about this right now.

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