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Beginner etiquette re: asking questions
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On Sat May 06, 2017 02:32 AM

Hi everyone,
At the moment I'm not able to take ballet classes, but a couple years ago I did for a few months (before I had to stop). The class I was in was an adult mixed-levels class (luckily there were only three of us). However, this meant that it was a good thing I'd done a lot of reading, so I had some idea of what was going on and what I was supposed to be doing (had the basic concepts of tendu, arm positions, rond de jambe, etc. etc.).

I spoke with the teacher and asked if perhaps I should take a private lesson with him to learn the very basics of the very basics, since I couldn't exactly ask him to spend a class teaching me exactly how to put my arms in 2nd position, exactly where a tendu devant or derriere goes to (does the toe of the working foot line up with the toe or heel of the supporting foot? and that sort of thing), etc. and all that stuff most people learn in their first class when they're six years old. He said his rates were very high, though, so I scrapped that idea. (I didn't know of anywhere in the area that I could take a class in Ballet For People Who Aren't Just Beginners But Really Have No Clue Whatsoever. I know they exist in some places, but I didn't find any near me. I'm not new to dance, just to ballet. I was following along in class okay and implementing corrections, but whether everything was absolutely perfect... probably not.)

I was not sure about the etiquette of asking these sorts of questions to my teacher privately in a few minutes before or after class, since I would have a lot of them, and I didn't want to essentially be getting a lot of knowledge and extra time for free.

I'd like to take class again when I move back to where I was living then, and of course I will have many of the same basic questions which it will not be appropriate to use class time for. To what extent is it okay to spend five minutes before or after class on a question or two, keeping in mind that I have a lot of questions so this would probably happen several times?