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What should I anticipate?
By horachan Comments: 2, member since Tue May 02, 2017
On Mon May 08, 2017 09:01 AM
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Hi all! :)
I suppose this is very close to another 'Am I too old to start?' post, but not really. I started fairly late in my teens and am now assured that I should be able to enjoy dancing for a long, long time. But it also has me thinking about what to expect. I honestly don't mean to sound petty or over ambitious way too early down the road, but when I count up the years to see that if I ever go to a major competition I'd probably be in the Senior Ladies category, it disappoints me (I hate to say this, really). I have nothing against Senior dancers. They're so dedicated and have all my respect. There's nothing wrong! But I just hate to think that I'd never have the chance to compete in any category other than the Senior Ladies' category, especially since most of the other Senior Ladies would have been dancing in other age groups since they were young. I'd just be missing out on the experience.
I honestly admit I don't know much and don't mean to offend anyone in this. It's a petty worry of mine, but I feel so dedicated to this sport and so wish I had started earlier to enjoy the prime of its competition.
I'd be ready to hear anything about this. What might I be able to expect, starting so late along the lane and not having the environment and that many resources to dedicate myself to one feis per month? Please advise me in this, I'd really appreciate any experiences or pieces of mind.