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Morning all. Am i the only one who finds that over stretching or being pushed is benificial for flexibilty. During my dance and rg lessons.For my rg class, we will start with basic conditioning (20mins) such as rope skipping , bridge walking, splits. followed by slightly more intense conditioning such as over splits which are pushed by our coaches, they will sit on our hips to make us go lower but not all the way down unless you are very close and also box splits , for our level we are expected to be pushed into box over splits. also some back stretching which is painful as well but we are all used to it. the coach will pull our hands all the way to at least touch our own thighs. and lastly the last conditioning is by walking on our toes which is not painful anymore. Yes. it was extremly painful when i was about 4-5 but got used to it. yes , i cried before. but no pain , no gain.

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If I may ask, specifically what is it that you do that requires such vigourous and painful stretches? (I know you mentioned something about rg classes). Stetching should NEVER be painful and the "no pain, no gain" mentality has sort of been thrown out the door nowadays.