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Return after Quadriceps tear.
By DanceMagicianPremium member Comments: 2, member since Mon Sep 07, 2009
On Mon Jun 05, 2017 09:39 AM

The week before Christmas while mountain climbing I had a rather bad fall and landed on a ledge with severe pain in my right leg. I heard a very loud snap when I hit. I had an MRI and it showed a significant tear in my right quadriceps. Two days before Christmas I had it repaired through a long incision through my knee. The repair is done by weaving suture in the muscle and then drilling 4 holes in my patella and putting the sutures through the holes and placing anchors on the other side. I was then in a brace for 6 weeks that locked my leg straight out. I started PT at 2 weeks and went every day I restarted ballet classes gradually. I am now at 6 months and am 95% back to normal. The height of my jumps has suffered some.
The point is no matter how serious the injury if you really have a good doctor and put 100% into Rehab. one can usually return to ballet.