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Anxious about getting in trouble with parents over TV show
By dancingbell2017 Comments: 12, member since Tue Apr 25, 2017
On Wed Jun 07, 2017 10:53 AM

So, my brother (who is older than me and probably won't get in trouble because he is older) and I were watching this show Riverdale one day. I really wanted to watch it because it looked super interesting, Cole Spouse was in it, and all of my friends are watching it. I already knew most of what happened from talking to people at school etc., and I also already knew that the first 4 episodes were kind of iffy content-wise, especially the 4th one. When we started it a couple weeks ago, I had mentioned it to my mom (pretty vaguely, I'll admit) and assumed it would be mostly okay because it really isn't anything worse than a lot of movies we watched. Boy, was I wrong. So, we were watching it last night with my mom, and it happened to be the 4th episode. I thought, "Well, she might as well know what we are watching," and so we started the episode. We pretty much finished it, but my mom is not too happy about me watching it. She says I'm not in trouble, but she also is going to talk to my dad about it (he is out of town). I realized and told her that I should have really asked about watching it, but I think I acted really guilty. Now, I am super anxious about when my dad comes home today. I am so afraid of getting in trouble with him. I know that everyone makes mistakes and I'm not really in trouble, but I can't shake the feeling that I will be. I almost had a panic attack and I feel really bad about it. I feel like whenever I get in trouble (which is not often at all), it gets held against me. I am so afraid of my parents not trusting me anymore. I realize that I might be overreacting, but I could really use some tips about how to handle this.