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What to do with a dead toenail?
By Alissa_B Comments: 2, member since Sun Jun 11, 2017
On Sun Jun 11, 2017 04:25 PM

A couple months ago, I had taken off my pointe shoes when my toenail started to turn purple/blue. My mom's friend, who was a professional dancer said it would fall off. After a couple days, the pain went away and I danced normally again. But, during pointe class, I could feel something was wrong and when I took off my shoe my toe was all red and it really hurt. So now the nail is lifting off of the nail bed and I haven't been on pointe in 2 1/2 weeks. My recital is in 6 days. I trimmed the nail as far as I could, and I've been using Nexcare foam tape. Is there anything else I could do to keep it from coming off while dancing?